I am simply a follower of Yahshua

This afternoon FDA held a webinar aimed at teaching us, the unwashed masses, about how to read a nutrition label. (Oh durn, this post is going to become political.) When I was fighting against a USDA program meant to trace and track every livestock animal in the country I was privvy to information that told the USDA employees to keep their talks to a 6th grade level because that’s what we dumb hick farmers all, after all.

I guess FDA ate the same mushroom as USDA because that was the same tone the presenter took. She has a PhD, wowsers. I guess she never had to give her thesis in front of anyone because she had terrible presentation skills. I gave her a D- for that.

And what would you guess was their nutritional label example? Macaroni and cheese. Sweet. When I go to the grocery store on the first of any month, which I’m trying to remember to not do, it upsets me to see how they’ve rearranged the endcaps and filled them with junk. I cannot stand to see the worthless foods those EBT golden ticket holders cram into their carts and make their obese little children eat on the way to the check out because they are obviously starving . I think obesity in children is child abuse. You may not agree, but keep it to yourself.

Anyway, during the webinar the presenter made comment about saturated fats and how we should stay away from them in favor or mono- or poly-. That is a lie. Hold on, I need a slab of butter…

(That one was for you Tamrah.)

They discussed transfats, well, discussed isn’t the correct word. She mentioned transfats but neglected to say, even at the end when someone asked about transfats, that by special agreement with industry, a food product can contain up to 2 grams of transfats and still be labeled as Zero transfats. God hates liars. We must tell the truth at all times.

My friend and I were both listening to the webinar together, she in one state, me in another. We knew questions would be taken so we brainstormed about what we would ask. She said she’d take nano-particles (nano titanium dioxide found in Bisquick and other powdery things that need to be free flowing). I said I’d ask about GMOs. Well, we did, but they only picked the less informed questions. Huh. No surprise there.

The daily recommend value of calories is 2000 a day. That’s pretty many, as they say around here.

Oh, I hope this link is going to work for you, friend. (I’ve got to learn how to add links in WordPress)

It is an article from the Lewiston (ME) Evening Journal, Sept. 5, 1925 – “Quotes Bible to Prove Milk’s High Food Value, Is mentioned 49 times in Scripture, says head of Nat’l Dairy Council.”

Now, go eat your own slab of butter.


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