I am simply a follower of Yahshua

Peaches Three Ways

I am abandoning my previous blog with this new blog. Stepping away from politics and going back to what I love; my farmstead, eating local, growing my own food, and cooking. And of course, I won’t leave out stories about my mare.

Butter…what everyone should eat copious amounts of every day. It is a wholesome fat, especially if it comes from raw milk. Raw butter is recognized by the body as food and the fat does not store in your thighs or muffin top.

Lard…quality, quality, quality fat. I have rendered my own recently from the leaf lard that previously surrounded that good sow Molly’s kidneys.

Ordered a bushel of organic Amish peaches that arrived on Saturday. It was such a lovely thing to behold. Peaches ended up being canned in a medium syrup, as a jam, and a peach pie. That’s where the butter and lard comes in. No self respecting pie crust can be made without butter and lard. What a tender crust it makes!

With a peach pie like that, you can eat a piece of it for breakfast and you’ll know you’ve fed yourself in the best possible way.

I hope that we will continue to be allowed to produce food like this, wholesome, nutritionally dense, good for the body. If Congress has its way, H.R.2749 – Food Safety Enhancement Act and S.510 – FDA Food Safety Modernization Act in combination will put the FDA in charge of food. They have a one-size-fits-all plan of action. What is good for Sara Lee cakes is good for you, all permits included.

Opps, I slipped back in to politics… I need an intervention. heh.

Grace and Peace to you, dear reader, from the Lord of Lords.


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