I am simply a follower of Yahshua


This is high fruit picking season. Have gathered the best harvest of blackberries ever in our 10 years here. Have nearly a full gallon ziplock bag of them, not to mention the same for blueberries. Summer before last we had an embarrassment of riches, so to speak, of plums.

This place came with a full orchard. Some previous owner spent alot of money putting in several varieties of apples, hazelberts (filberts and hazelnut cross), pears, Nanking cherries, sour cherries, honey locust, black and red currents, and two types of plums.

That embarrassment of riches had so many plums of both types that we couldn’t even use them all or give them all way. And that was not for lack of trying. Made some really good plum jam that year and I was so overwhelmed with the quantity that I didn’t get around to drying any.

The next spring a frost took out all the blooms of not only the plum trees, but nearly everything else. The pear tree, the one that gave us fruit before, not only lost its blossoms, but it fully died from that frost.

This year, there was late frost two night in a row. The trees were in full bloom and we shuddered at the thought of losing fruit again. Made me realize how in the early days, those days we hearken back to in our minds when we think of living a simpler life, it was probable a family might go a few years without any fruit at all, or another crop, due to frosts or freezes, before there were grocery stores.

So we knew about the frost coming. I told my husband that I prayed there would be no frost, but he came up with a better prayer. “Lord, we ask, for your glory and in His name, that you keep any frost off the blossoms.”

We came out expectantly in the morning to discover that there had been a frost, sure enough, but the frost stopped at the edge of the orchard and none of the blooms were affected. Same the second night. We serve a mighty God!

Now, we don’t have that same embarrassment of riches with plums this year. Apples, yes, and the other fruits, blackberries, blueberries, hazelberts, etc. But I just picked several quarts of plums and this year I’m going to dry them.

Do you know the Lord? Ask yourself this: One minute after you die you are going to be standing naked in front of God Almighty. What are you going to say for yourself? He won’t hear you if you do not have Jesus by your side. If you say you don’t know Him, is it really because you won’t know Him?


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