I am simply a follower of Yahshua

Just to set the scene: my boyfriend of a couple of years met me at the door one night after I got home from work. Behind him I could see a couple of suitcases. I walked in the door, barely entering the room because he had one foot out the door, and he said, “I’m going to go to Wichita to learn how to be a truck driver.” He picked up his bags and went out the door, got into his Corvette, leaving me his truck, and drove off. Done. Just like that.

Over the next few weeks I came down with a stress induced disease. Among other things my tongue took on a sick yellow carpet-like coating. I remember that.

Working as a bartender, I didn’t get off work until 2:30 am or so. By the time I stopped to pickup my little son from the babysitter and then got home it would be 3:30. Who can go to sleep when they first get home from work? I never could.

This particular night, after my son was tucked into bed I poured myself a drink and turned on the tv. I remember there was some kind of clunky remote control for the tv with buttons to push for each channel. As quickly as the remote would let me I clicked through the channels. Nothing to watch there, click, nothing to watch there, click, nothing to watch there, click. A man was saying, “there is a woman out there with a coating on her tongue,” his hand reaching towards the screen. “May she be healed.” At that word, the room filled with a light so bright that I could not take it in. It was blinding. My tongue was cleaned of it’s carpet. The light left as quick as it came.

After I got over my shock I picked up the phone to call the number on the tv screen. The show, the 700 Club, had been praying as the Spirit lead them to pray and I wanted to know what had happened. At that time in my life I had absolutely no thoughts whatsoever about Jesus or God. I dialed the number and a woman answered. I told her what happened and then demanded to know what had happened. She heard my story and began praying. Praying and praising God. It was annoying to me.

I went about my life for 3 days wanting an answer but never once considered asking God or even thanking him.

On the 4th day the carpet-like coating came back.


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