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Go Take Up This New Land

I was brought to the Lord by a man I would later marry. He would later cheat on me and leave after 3 years. I was sure that this marriage, this man, would be my entrance into ‘normal’, ha, whatever that is.

It was quite the drama, painful and pitiful. I fell into a deep depression and, even though they don’t call it this anymore, I had a nervous breakdown. It was hard on my daughter in 10th grade at that time.

One afternoon I was planting annuals in my little square foot garden. Gardening has always been a comfort to me and getting my hands in the soil is some of the best medicine for mental health.

The sun was warm on my back, the soil rich and black. “Go take up this new land I will give you.” I heard that just outside of my left ear. Peace flooded me.

I live in that new land now. I am surrounded by the grace, peace and mercy of YWHW.

You can have it too.